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Why Us!

We are experienced tax and business consultancy professionals. Which means we can understand your tax problems well and your accounting as well which would be critical to support your position in a tax filing.

We can represent you before tax authorities both in Canada and the US.

We try to minimize your costs and only if required recommend a tax lawyer to you to fight for you in a court. Even so, we will take care of your interests by providing accurate and relevant information so that you can win in a tax case.

But not all tax matters need to go to a court and since we do our work well, negotiation and representation with tax authorities become easy without having to have protracted legal battles.

Our Experience Shows!

Tax is complicated and even experienced professionals sometimes fail to understand the implications.

Tax requires attention to details and knowledge of the latest tax forms, laws, rules and the like.

We always try to be on top of tax topics and help you.

We specialize in helping people having issues with filing their tax returns, paying tax arrears, voluntary disclosure matters or facing penalties from tax authorities or tax audits.

We analyze your tax situation having regard to tax laws, rules, forms, cases and the like and help avoid having to go to courts as much as possible, and instead settle the issues amicably with tax authorities

Contact us for Tax Advisory and Representation before the CRA and the IRS for all tax matters including voluntary disclosures, penalties and tax audits.

Business and SAP Consultancy

We are professionals with wide experience in business matters and we are also certified in SAP and other Information Technology areas. We provide excellent services in these areas.